Monday, August 27, 2007


I love my family. Wife and son; mom, dad, brothers and sisters; grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles; and yes, even al of the in-laws (I am lucky to have great in-laws). I love 'em all! Yesterday we spent some time at my sister Dana's house and then went over to Aunt Patsy's (Aimee's aunt). I loved it.

At Dana's we got to hang out with her, my sister Haley, their husbands JJ and Shawn, and their kids. The kids are all so cute and sweet. It is fun to have Haley and JJ back (thery were in Arkansas for the summer for an internship with Walmart) because it means that all the cousins get to be together. Cousins were always very important to my family with I was a kid. There is really nothing that can compare to hanging out with my family. With the hard things we have had to go through, there is a special bond between us siblings ("it cannot be broken... not by a thousand swords"). The parenthetical comment was a joke by the way.

After Dana's, we went over to Patsy and Brett's for Chloe's birthday. She had asked if we could come so we felt very special to be there. I love going over there. I wish we could do it more often! We always get to eat great food more importantly it is so fun to be around that family. There is something about the way they are that makes me want to be like them. I think Patsy and Brett have done an amazing job as parents. If you have the priviledge of knowing their kids then you know what I mean.


The Holcombs said...

We love you too! Especially Whitney she loves her Uncle Sean, Maimee and baby Cole.

The Holcombs said...

This is Haley again...we love you guys too...that is why no one should EVER leave Utah! EVER! (Until April when we might have to) :-)

mom said...

Chohn Poy, Please tell me if you get this. Love mom

mom said...

I sent a comment last night too, but apparently it didn't get through. So please let me know.